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    I will eternally laugh at how Jess says “the little pooch where you keep your extra cookies”. LMFAO.

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  3. Winston, you’ve been staring at this girl for 5 minutes. Please tell me you’re checking her out, otherwise you’re a serial killer, which would explain a lot.

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    get to know me meme: [1/8] relationships  nicholas miller & jessica day
    If you really love someone, it’s simple. You deserve something amazing. And you deserve love. I know you don’t wanna be alone, but I’m gonna be there, and I’ll tell that Tom Waits voice in your head to shut up. We don’t have to settle, Nick, you’re the best.

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  5. Look at these cute pieces of crap. TOO MUCH.


  6. New Girl episodes 4x01->4x09 Titles and Air Dates


    Episode 4x01 - "The Last Wedding" (16th Sep 2014)

    Episode 4x02 - "Tinder" (23rd Sep 2014)

    Episode 4x03 - "Lying" (30th Sep 2014)

    Episode 4x04 - "Micropenis" (7th Oct 2014)

    Episode 4x05 - "Background Check" (14th Oct 2014)

    Episode 4x06 - "Goldmine" (4th Nov 2014)

    Episode 4x07 - "Landline" (11th Nov 2014)

    Episode 4x08 - "Conference" (18th Nov 2014)

    Episode 4x09 - "Thanksgiving" (25th Nov 2014)

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  7. New Girl Season 4 First Hiatus


    Tuesday October 14 (episode 4x05 “Background Check”) —> Tuesday November 4 (episode 4x06 “Goldmine”).

    The Fourth Season of New Girl premieres Tuesday September 16, 9 pm on  FOX.

    UGH THAT’S SO LONG. I don’t wanna think about hiatus while on hiatus :[


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    lamorne A Random Wedding Can someone get these cameras out of Nick Millers face? #winstogram #newgirl Tag 13 people


  9. When you’re on set, do you share music, books or apps with your cast mates?

    Well, I don’t know if Max Greenfield knows how to read, so he’s not passing around any books. It’s kind of the pot calling the kettle black on that one…I’m not fully convinced I know how to read. We’re not sharing Moby-Dick. Music wise, truth be told, I’m always behind the times on what’s cool, but Zooey will put music on in the hair and makeup trailer.


    Fully convinced Jake is 100% Nick Miller: “…I’m not fully convinced I know how to read.”


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    fallonokwuosa Jessica Biel & Zooey Deschanel! They’re totally really funny!! Super laughs!

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